Stanford HPC Seminar Series: Simulation for IoT ~ A multi-physics approach for a wearable IoT device

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Join us on Thursday October 15th at Noon for a Free Lunch and Learn focused Simulation and the IoT Revolution

Virtual prototyping and simulation is widely used to develop better products faster. ANSYS offers a complete range of simulation tools for structural mechanics, fluid dynamics, low- and high-frequency electromagnetics and systems.

During this Lunch and Learn, we will present the simulation offering from ANSYS and focus on simulation for the IoT revolution by demonstrating how simulation is key to develop wearable devices.

In the race to develop the next blockbuster wearable device, ANSYS Electronics, Thermal, Mechanical, and Systems Tools can help companies ensure that their feature-rich products have exceptional performance and user experience. Furthermore the manufacturing process and durability of the product can also be improved using ANSYS simulations. In this presentation, example of simulations that can lead to improved smart watch products will be discussed.

Thursday October 15th - Noon to 2PM

Mechanical Engineering Research Lab (MERL)

418 Panama Mall

Conference Room 203 (2nd floor)

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