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Yellowstone Award

In September 2019, Steve Jones, Dellarontay Readus, and Dabiyyah Agbere submitted a proposal to the National Science Foundation titled “Yellowstone Preservation: sustainability of an Academic HPC Center through Reutilization of a National Resource.” The proposal included a request for a portion of the Yellowstone Supercomputer located at the National Center for Atmospheric Research Wyoming Supercomputing Center (NWSC). In our proposal we described how Yellowstone would provide a significant leap in performance from antiquated technology (circa 2010), serving as springboard for the development of codes, software prototyping, and scalability studies. The NSF awarded the 5 million dollar system to the HPC Center on December 21, 2019. Our transition team, led by Vi Nguyen, headed to the Wyoming Supercomputing to prepare Yellowstone for shipment. Vi, in concert with the NWSC team, prepared and shipped Yellowstone, a huge undertaking as we requested not only the systems, but also thousands of miles of fiber optics cabling that had to be first recovered and packed for shipment to be reused in the deployment of Yellowstone at Stanford. We wish to thank the National Science Foundation, NCAR, UCAR, and most importantly the team at NWSC led by Gary New, along with Mary Waterstreet. On our initial trip to NWSC Mary served as the liaison, tour guide, and overall coordinator of all things NCAR and Cheyenne. Gary was the consummate professional from our first email throughout the entire project, providing us support through the long days and nights our team spent at NWSC. The NWSC team and facility are a model of what all Supercomputing Centers should aspire to be. Today, Yellowstone provides tens of millions of CPU hours each month driving research and supporting our teaching and research mission at the HPC Center. Thank you Gary, Mary, and the entire team at the NCAR Wyoming Supercomputing Center!

Shepard Award

In May 2018, Steve Jones, Curtis Hamman, and Parviz Moin submitted a proposal to the Department of Defense titled “Moon Shot: Relaunching Shepard with the Right Stuff.” The proposal included a request for the Shepard Supercomputer located at the Navy DoD Supercomputing Resource Center (Navy DSRC). Our intent for use of the system was to replace our aging HPC infrastructure at the HPC Center, where we support basic research efforts, engineering applications, and outreach programs. One of the main beneficiaries of this award is the Center for Turbulence Research, where sponsored research is devoted to advancing both the fundamental understanding of predictive tools for physics-based modeling and simulation of turbulent flows in areas of DoD interest. The DoD awarded the 10.2 million dollar system to the HPC Center in August of 2018. We wish to thank the Department of Defense for award of the system, Rob Thornhill at Navy DSRC for his tireless efforts for preparation and relocation, the Office of Naval Research as our primary sponsor and transition team of the asset as without them it would not have been possible, and the Stanford Property Management Office for assistance with all-things-Stanford in receipt of the system. Shepard is part of an integrated solution that provides tens of millions of CPU hours each month, driving research and innovation for users of the HPC Center systems.

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