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The High Performance Computing Center (HPCC) and its director, Steve Jones, are proud to provide compute cycles and resources to our research groups in the academic community. The team for the implementation, management, maintenance, and outreach programs conducted by the HPCC consists primarily of Stanford University undergraduate students from culturally and economically diverse backgrounds, including underrepresented minorities and women. As a student-run organization without direct financial sponsorship from the university, our staff have the opportunity to work as a fully self-sufficient organization where students have the autonomy and skillset to do the projects they find most interesting.



Calvin Sokk, Software Engineer

Joining in September 2022, Calvin is in charge of the software build and testing projects for the HPC Team. He enjoys being so close to powerful hardware while also having a role in building software. In his free time, Calvin loves to dance.

He/him | California | Class of 2024 | Mechanical Engineering |

Liyah Ernest, Grant Writer

Joining in September 2022, Liyah is a Fundraising Grant Writer for the HPC Team. She writes proposals for federal funding and grant opportunities that support HPC research. In her free time, she loves travelling and going on fun adventures with her friends. 

She/her | New Orleans, Louisiana | Class of 2026 | Undecided |

Caetano Melone, Senior Software Engineer

Joining in September 2019, Caetano serves as a senior software engineer. Caetano maintains the continuous integration infrastructure for HTR-solver, a hypersonic aerothermodynamics solver. Caetano is an avid golfer and a native Californian.


He/him | California | Class of 2023 | Political Science | 

Abigail Maldonado, Grant Writer

Joining in 2022, Abigail is a Fundraising Grant Writer for the HPC Team. She writes proposals for federal funding opportunities in collaboration with other grant writers. She also works to design and maintain two department websites. Outside of work, Abigail loves to learn about music and try new restaurants.

She/her | Los Angeles, California | Class of 2025 | Human Biology | 

Pratham Hombal, Software Engineer

Joining in 2023, Pratham is involved in different projects such as helping run the HPC for the Rest of Us series and installing various software for clusters to help maximize efficiency. In his free time, he enjoys learning more about startups or discovering new restaurants in town.


He/him | Clovis, CA | Class of 2026 | Computer Science |

Shafin Khan, Research Software Engineer 

Joining in September 2022, Shafin implements and builds software within computer clusters to ensure the proper delivery of high-performance computing products. He believes that the HPC team is very versatile; a place where you learn plenty of skills outside of the classroom. Shafin is a sports fan, specifically for soccer and football and roots for all Detroit teams! 

He/him | Detroit, Michigan | Class of 2025 | Computer Science |



Ria Tan, Administrative Associate

Ria is a driving force behind the success of our HPC Center. Her skill in managing administrative tasks ensures everything runs smoothly and her contributions are greatly appreciated! 

Trish Brooke, Finance Officer
Trish brings a wealth of financial experience to the HPCC, having previously held positions at Lockheed Martin and Morgan Stanley. We are fortunate to have such an esteemed professional leading our organization's finances!

Steve Jones, Director

Jones is a leader in the world of high-performance computing clusters, spearheading Stanford University's High Performance Computing Center with his innovative solutions to complex issues. He chairs an annually held HPC-AI Advisory Council Conference comprised of some of academia’s sharpest minds, where they work towards creating breakthrough technologies that help society progress forward. Besides being well versed on designing and administering supercomputers globally classified amongst the Top 500 fastest systems in existence; Jones adds value by frequently speaking on cluster management topics plus offering graduate courses as part continuing education initiatives relating to both training & instruction for prospective students wanting more expertise within this field - not forgetting beginners sessions he teaches at Stanford!
he/him | joined Stanford 1998 |