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The Stanford High Performance Computing Center, a student-run (primarily undergraduate) academic cost recovery center, operates a number of HPC clusters to enable larger simulations, deeper analyses, and faster computation times than are possible using computers available to individual researchers. The HPC Center has mass data storage and archival systems to store the vast quantities of data the result from performing simulations on these HPC resources.

While there are many computing resources available from Stanford, National Laboratories, and Cloud Services, what the HPC Center offers is a low cost model where you pay-by-use with direct billing to your sponsored research accounts. You’ll find free options at the research computing center and other computing allocations, potentially having your job parked in a long queue for days to weeks waiting on a result while thousands of higher priority jobs (paying customers) go in front of you. Our operating model is different from that. We work with groups that have jobs that map well to our systems and coordinate with them to be sure they have the lowest time to results (no waiting in long queues) at the lowest possible cost.

If you’re interested in learning more about our service and whether you’re a good fit be sure to reach out to us! We have over 350 million CPU core hours available annually waiting for you to use, while at the same time providing you with the opportunity to support a program with undergraduate students from culturally and economically diverse backgrounds, including underrepresented minorities and women.